Baby Eli

{A Newborn Session}

Baby Eli is here and is just as precious as can be! I couldn’t be more happier for this little family! They finally have entered into the beautiful journey of parenthood among all of their infertility struggles! {Read a little bit more about their story from their maternity session here.} Those battles are tough and come with more then their fair share of strife, BUT they make this time, these short moments, SO MUCH more glorious! And in the end, you almost become thankful for the struggles. I know that sounds odd! Especially if you happen to be in the thick of your own fertility struggles right now. But I promise you there will be better days and you will be thankful for the things you have learned through them. And when you hold your baby in your arms you’ll know that fighting that hard, long fight was SO necessary for this one moment in your life. I’m sure Tyler and Melissa can attest to that when they look at their adorable little boy!

On a less serious note, you HAVE to check out the ultimate blooper shot below!! I promise you won’t be disappointed! HAHAHA!

Tyler and Melissa–Entering into this new phase with a new baby is life altering and at the same time exhausting! Haha! But I know your heart and I know that you would trade all the sleepless nights in the world just to hold him one more time. Soak it all in now because one day he will be sleeping through the night. And when he sleeps through the night…it just means a few less times that you will get to hold him. Which means for more snuggles during the day! 😉

Best Blooper Shot Ever!!!

Tyler works on our family farm so of course they wanted to incorporate their love for cattle in Eli’s newborn session. Eli makes one heck of an adorable baby calf!

Much Love, Carissa

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